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Types of Sandblasting

Smoothen or polish out your rough surface with a sandblasting machine and manufacturers! Sandblasting is a common term that refers to abrasive blasting. While using a particular type of material, we get concerned about abrasive results. For example – if you use a smooth material like walnut peels or corn cobs, it results in softer compression on wooden structures or thin metal surfaces. 

As you know, industries that comprise machinery and metal parts are vulnerable to rust and corrosion. It’s a common pestilence in UAE-based industries, here abrasive blasting is an efficient solution to getting rid of these troubles and keeps your machines at their best! It’s a quick process that ensures proper working of metal parts that are exposed to the rusty environment or extreme weather conditions. Also, it can be used on surfaces before repainting or removing impurities. 

In the past, sand was the only medium or common grit utilized in abrasive blasting. But, today, sandblasting machine manufacturers continue to use other types of grits and this determines its type. 

Abrasive blasting tool has three main parts regardless of the material used on the surface. All the tools have a blasting cabinet that treats the surface of given industrial machinery. Next, we have some mechanism to blast surfaces at incredible velocities. In most cases, sandblasting is appealing because of its efficient energy consumption and ability to recycle. 

Different types of sandblasting in the UAE

Over the years, sandblasting machine suppliers have come up with different types,

  • Soda sandblasting

Soda sandblasting assures a cleaning effect without damaging the outer layer of softer metals. Therefore, sandblasting material suppliers distribute soda sandblasting for removing rust from metals without causing any damage to the underlying delicate layers. Since the tougher materials are scraped by hard media. Also, soda is a great medium for delicate materials. 

  • Steel grit blasting

Steel blasting allows both blasting and scraping. In this process, steel is the main abrasive media that clean off rust or corrosion from hard surfaces. As of now, steel blasting is common in industries like automobiles, heavy machinery, and airplane hangars. 

Most of the sandblasting machine manufacturers use spherical steels are common abrasives. Using steel grit provides a smoother surface finish and helps in peening that strengthens the metal. 

On the other hand, instead of steel other materials like silicon carbide, aluminum, and walnut shells are also used in these procedures, depending on the surface material. 

  • Silica sand or silicon dioxide

Silica sand was popular among sand blasting machine manufacturers, it’s also known as ordinary sand or quartz. Using this silicon dioxide grit allows you to remove impurities from surfaces, hence making it a right fit for efficient abrasive blasting. However, such type of blasting is no longer popular because most of the other mediums work better than sand. On the other hand, silica sand can cause some respiratory diseases.

  • Glass Beads

Glass beads-based sandblasting machines are silica-free and eco-friendly. They can be used on industrial areas to remove any surface imperfections like scales, rust, burrs, and more. Glass bead is an excellent choice for paint preparation and assures a unique matte finish to the surface. This type of blasting ensures a clean finish on a variety of metals like aluminum and more. 

  • Vacuum blasting

Vacuum blasting is also known as dustless blasting; the equipment comes with a vacuum suction that removes surface contaminants. In turn, the materials are sucked back into the control unit.

Vacuum blasting is more effective in the recycling process of spent abrasives. Moreover, any debris in cleaning is also minimized.

  • Bristle blasting

Bristle blasting is one of the popular pieces of equipment from sandblasting machine suppliers in the UAE! In this type of abrasive blasting, we don’t have a separate medium instead; steel wire bristles rotate on a surface. This rotating action works on removing the impurities, hence leaving a smooth surface. Bristle blasting is common for cleaning metal surfaces with some form of corrosion. 

  • Pencil blasting 

Micro-blasting or pencil blasting works when high-pressure air and fine powder mix before being ejected out as abrasive. The abrasive exits through a small nozzle by creating a fine stream to clean specific areas. 

Since it has a fine-sized nozzle, you can adjust the pressure to achieve more specific surface cleaning. 

Final Thoughts On Sandblasting Machines And Accessories

There are different types of abrasive blasting methods used in UAE industries. We use different abrasive materials according to the type of industrial application to achieve desired results. 

So, while selecting the sandblasting machine, choose the right one according to your requirement. If you’re unsure about these methods, then find one of the best sandblasting material suppliers in the UAE for safe and secure results. 

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