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Sandblasting Machine
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Sandblasting Machine Manufacturers In UAE

Sand blasting or abrasive blasting is a significant process in most of the industrial plants. It’s a process that forcibly propels a stream of abrasive material against the object’s surface.  Sand blasting machines smoothens a rough surface or roughen a smooth surface based on the object. 
In most of the cases, it’s often used in the finishing process by removing materials from the object and getting it ready for coating. Sand blasting machine manufacturers understand the advantages of these machines and focus on the following benefits, 

  • Sand blasting is a great option to remove oil, rust, and harmful contaminants from any kind of surface. 
  • The process cleans and smoothens the object quickly and efficiently. This allows easy cleaning of tough surfaces and saves your time or money. 
  • If the object is covered with old paint, sandblasting machine quickly removes the paint at high speed and prepares a new coating that assure fresh and smooth result. 

Difference between shot blasting and sand blasting

  • Shot blasting is a quick and straight-forward process. It’s a process of applying abrasive material to the products that are about to finish and include all the aspects like cleaning and restoring. 
  • Abrasive material is used on sand like material with compressed air, this happens in sand blasting machines.

Find out the best sand blasting machine manufacturers in UAE
JETBLAST International Equipment LLC is one of the best sand blasting manufacturers in UAE provide diverse technological requirements of oil & gas and construction industries. We progressively support the growing demands according to the related industries. With great expertise in delivering cutting edge solutions, we have made a distinctive niche in the competitive market. 

Being a industry leader, we manufacture and market high-quality CE standard sand blasting equipments and painting products that serve every single industries in the Middle East. With long 23 years of service, we provide the best surface treatment technologies. Our professionals support clients in choosing the best sand blasting machine. 

What makes our sand blaster unique?

  • Our sand blasting machine has a large fuel tank. Having a large fuel tank avoids the continuous requirement to refill the tank at shorter intervals. We support the industrial plants by creating large fuel tanks in the machine. 
  • Our machines include sturdy tires and large hoppers. Sturdy tires ensure easy movement across a wide and diverse area. This improves the productivity of such machines. Similarly, large hoppers allow the machines to include maximum amount of the material.  Both the features contribute to the efficiency and functionality of the sand blasting machine. 
  • At Jetblast, we include adjustable pressure controls that help you utilize the machine for multiple diverse projects. 
  • The machine has comfortable pistol grip that holds the machine better and makes the application smooth. Using hand-held grips save time involved in the entire process. 
  • Our machine has some additional features like in-built lights, abrasive materials, and reusable sand. The in-built lights enhance the visibility of small pieces and intricate work. Similarly, reusable sand reduces cost to a great extent. Our sand blasting machines avoid bulky flashlights, since they do harm than benefits. 

It’s incredibly dangerous to do sandblasting on your own. Being experienced sand blasting machine manufacturer in UAE, we provide the best equipments to sandblast the industrial plants. Our equipments get the job done right without putting anyone at the risk of injury or any other effects. Over the years, we have a network of satisfied customers!

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