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Air After Cooler
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How To Increase Your Air After Cooler Efficiency?

Air after cooler is a common mechanical heat exchanger specifically designed to remove the heat and moisture from a compressed air stream. So, the resulting air is cool enough to use in any air-operated equipment.  

Air after cooler play a huge role in UAE’s industrial plants, here it has three primary functions,

  • Create a cooling effect to the air discharged from compressor
  • Reduce moisture presence in compressed air
  • Protect equipments from excessive moisture and heat

Air-cooled after coolers in Dubai

These air coolers use ambient air to cool down the compressed air. Here, compressed air enters the air-cooled after cooler and go through the entire tube coil design, whereas the ambient air is forced to cool over the motor-driven fan. This air removes heat from compressed air. 

Why do we need air after coolers? 

  • Initially, it reduces the temperature of air for a safe and secure operation.
  • Secondly, it removes the moisture condensed during the cooling process.
  • It’s highly durable with low maintenance.

Find out few tips to keep your industrial air cooler running in top condition,

  • Proper ventilation – to ensure effective cooling throughout the summer season, make sure to keep the system has proper ventilation. The machines have a good working condition, if the space is ventilated properly. When the room has ventilation, air passage is seamless and ensures humidity free room. 
  • Place the air after cooler near the window – these coolers work on the principle of evaporative cooling, the more hot air get into the system, the better response you receive from the system. This ensures quick cooling process!
  • Add some ice cubes to water – if your air cooled after coolers are not working well, then add some ice cubes in the water kept for cooling process. Adding a chill-pill can certainly give your machines a long-lasting cooling effect. It’s a temporary option to enhance the overall efficiency of your machines. 
  • Proper cleaning – before awaiting a long summer, it’s essential to clean your air coolers. Make sure your system is free from dust and pollen. While keeping your air after-coolers clean, it ensures quick and effective cooling of your machines!
  • Handle with care – Again, make sure to handle your cooling system with extra care, so that it doesn’t affect the working of your machines. For long-term and effective cooling, handle your industrial coolers with care. Make sure to maintain your coolers regularly. 
  • Finally, make sure to saturate the cooling pads of air after coolers before using them. This gives you instant cooling, so make sure to soak the cooling pads in advance and get excellent response from the cooling system.  You can change the cooler pads to prevent from rusting. Most of the people fail to change or clean the pad to save money, but ultimately, they spend in the long run instead of pads. 

Air after coolers in Dubai

The above given tips can keep your air after coolers run in the premium condition and thereby, keep your machines running in the top condition. Once you select a cooler system for your machines, make sure that air-after coolers meet with your specifications or even exceed the requirements. Considering the common after-cooler requirements, the compressor manufacturers in Dubai include air after coolers as a part of their

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