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Venturi Blowers
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How To Find The Right Venturi Blowers In UAE?

Industries in UAE use Venturi blowers for ventilating hazardous vapors from the tanks. Apart from extracting explosive vapors, Venturi air blowers simply cool down the machinery or workers in the confined spaces. These blowers are significant in spaces where heavy equipment are at risk of overheating. 

Few common applications of Venturi blowers, 

  • Power plants
  • Petroleum processing
  • Marine industry
  • Steel industry
  • Shipyards
  • Manhole operation
  • Refineries and chemical industries and lot more. 

What is the principle of Venturi air blowers?

Venturi style blowers use venturi effect to vent hazardous vapors from the ground sources. It has an underground tank where fumes present are connected to the base of the blower. Then, the compressed air reaches the blower through a nozzle. When the steam or compressed air increases its velocity while moving towards the top of the vent, it’s the narrow base that constricts its decreasing ambient pressure in the horn. Here, partial vaccum is created by drawing the fumes up through base and out through vent. Venturi blowers could be confusing because of its multiple terms. It’s also known as pumps, ejectors, educators, air horn, vaccum transducer.The blowers a free from moving parts, heat and vibration pumps, and so on. 

What are the advantages of venture air blowers?

  • It saves electricity and cost
  • Ensure faster cycle times by reducing the air evacuated
  • Light-weight and so, easy to transport
  • These blowers survives in aggressive conditions
  • It’s highly dependent on right application
  • These blowers require low maintenance and easy to vent hazardous air. 

Find the best Venturi blower in UAE

JETBLAST International Equipment LLC is a popular manufacturer of high-quality CE standard sandblasting and painting products that serves all kinds of industrial sectors in global market and Middle East. The company works on different models on venture blowers and you can choose the blower according to the industrial plant requirements. The manufacturers work on blowers with no moving parts and so, industries require very low maintenance. It has a galvanized steel housing that resists corrosion and so, it’s easy to replace when it shows sign of wear. The standard base is made up of cast aluminum lightweight material.

While selecting the blower, initially fix up the budget. Budget is the significant criteria that decide the blower type. Then, move on with the specific requirements and moving parts needed for the purposes. Also, look into the air compressor capacity before buying a venture air blower. Energy cost is also a significant factor to consider while purchasing a blower for your industrial plant. 

Apart from the above mentioned, look for the

  • Heat output
  • Noise levels
  • Piping requirements, and
  • Compressor failure

At JETBLAST International Equipment LLC, venturi blowers have a static grounding that disappear static electricity and prevent accidental ignition of fumes. The blower has a in-built handle for easy carrying.  The blowers are available in various sizes and easy to choose according to the industry type. While approaching JETBLAST, they understand the features and select the best suited model for your industrial plant. Get your blowers from one of the best venturi air blowers in UAE!

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