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15 Tips for increasing Blower Fan’s Life

Increase airflow and remove contaminants with efficient an  industrial blower fan in Dubai! This blower is a device that enhances airflow in your workspace with the help of an electric motor, airfoils, and impeller. It’s a highly technical device that produces higher pressure and has a range somewhere between fan and compressor. 

Blower fans work for both domestic and industrial segments. Moreover, they remove trapped smoke or air at considerable velocity. In Dubai, blower fans are suitable for high-pressure applications because it has a constant speed throughout the process. Based on the requirements, air blowers’ suppliers ensure blowers with varying speeds and capacities. We can choose from AC or DC blower fan depending on the power source. 

Like any other equipment, if you work on the maintenance of industrial blower fans, then it will last longer with good efficiency. Increasing the efficiency of blower fan in your industrial system will improve the following processes,

  • Boilers
  • Refrigeration
  • Ventilation
  • Dust collection
  • Material handling
  • Cooling application

Therefore, you have to consider several factors for continuous maintenance.

Tips to increase the lifespan of air blower fans

While searching for the efficiency factors, we consider both domestic as well as industrial blower fan. Mostly, blowers in industries are exposed to oil, dust, grease, heat, and other contaminants entering the air. Even if they are designed to resist these parameters, it requires a cleaning process o prevent slowing down, clogging, or any other damages. 

Have a look at the top 15 tips for increasing your industrial blower fans lifespan!

  1. The AC and DC blower fan has an enclosure but, the fan parts and outer casing should have a design that allows no dust or contaminants.
  1. Apart from the design, the installation plays a significant role in the fan efficiency as the assembly should be firm with the unit. The fan should be mounted in such a way that allows easy access to the fan. Make sure effective installation even in cramped-up areas. 
  1. If you have a flush-mounted fan, then have an access door for easy cleaning.
  1. Based on your application environment, make sure the fan can withstand shock and vibration apart from other physical parameters. 
  1. Air blowers’ suppliers always check the tolerance level of your fan and compare it with other manufacturers. In UAE, you can easily avail custom-made equipment and make sure that it doesn’t exceed tolerance limits. 
  1. Make sure to lubricate the bearings to avoid friction. This may slow down the hamper productivity and speed of the blowers. 
  1. In regular intervals, check for corrosion, damage, dust build-up, contaminants, and more. This will reduce the chance of any additional damage. 
  1. Always make sure to keep the industrial fan blower away from areas prone to dust and heat. The enclosure must be strong enough, so the fan doesn’t bear much vibration. 
  1. Contact a professional to check your fan once in few months! However, it’s essential to check from your side too. This limits the downtime and cost of repair. 
  1. While running certain applications like dust collection, machine cooling, HVAC, and so on, check for the electricity consumed in your blowers. 
  1. Make sure the air blowers fan is not too noisy and its airflow is adjusted at the inlets and outlets. 
  1. If there is no airflow or trapped air, it occurs due to broken couplings or pipe leaks. In this situation, initially check whether the valve is loose or talk to a professional.
  1. If the blower doesn’t rotate properly, it could be due to incorrect wiring, damaged winding, or a rusted impeller. 
  1. Apart from the actual vibration, the project may vibrate excessively due to faulty installation, loose sheaves, loose mounting, and failed bots. To avoid such vibration, mount your fan on a strong base, check for parts and bolts, and look up for technically correct installation. 
  1. There are different types of blowers. So, identify the ideal blower that will deliver the required pressure and other characteristics for efficient energy saving. 

What is the energy-saving checklist to improve industrial blower fan efficiency in Dubai?

  • If you’re using a blower periodically, then make sure to shut it down when it’s not required.
  • Re-evaluate the requirements from time to time. Checking your system regularly can reduce energy saving from 10 to 50%. 
  • Relocating blowers to reduce the length of runs and straightening bends reduce energy up to 5 to 30%. 
  • Identify and use the ideal blower for your industry. Choose from the best air blowers suppliers in UAE!
  • Use highly-efficient motor for economical results

While using industrial blower fans, make sure to follow all these maintenance factors! Moreover, purchase from reliable and certified suppliers in UAE for integrated solutions. 

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