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How does a venture air blower work?

Venturi air blowers work on extracting hazards and explosive vapors from tanks. Moreover, it has various other functions like it cools down the whole machinery or workers. In the past years, these venturi blower or venturi vacuum generators were considered for their flexible nature and fast response time. At times, it was not quite effective because of its usage of compressed air. While working on crucial system accessories, energy-efficient items make it difficult for localized operations. 

The Italian physicist discovered that when air is forced through a conical nozzle, its pressure decreases, and velocity increases. He wouldn’t have realized that it would turn into a most-used product in today’s industries. Most of the users don’t have the awareness of how to use this product and its energy efficiency. Further, blowers are known in different names like ejectors, pumps, vacuum transducer pumps, and more. When properly applied, these venture blowers are a convenient and responsive option for energy efficiency in industries. 

How do venture air blowers work?

There are two different types of blowers. The working style differs according to the type of venture vacuum generator. 

Single-stage blower

Single-stage venturi blower usually flows air through the conical venture orifice. Now, as the compressed air leaves the orifice, the pressure falls, and velocity increases. Here, the intensity is formed with lower pressure than ambient air pressure. Now, the air to be evacuated in the process is pulled out from the flowing airstream and blown out. 

Single-stage venturi air blower accelerates through restrictor tube and use compressed air to create venture effect; finally, it evacuates the necessary volume of air. The blowers are well-designed to fit in many applications efficiently. The basic design of such blowers allows either the highest evacuation or the highest flow volume requirement. 

Usually, such blowers have a ratio of scfm or compressed air consumption to vacuum flow at a rate of 1:1, in certain cases, it can be high as 2 or 3:1

Multi-stage blower

Multi-stage venture blowers were created with the motive to improve efficiency in many applications. This unit has a series of nozzles and ejectors that expands compressed air in controlled stages. While working like this, the ratio of compressed air consumption to vacuum flow is at a level of 1:3 or better. These units are quieter and develop vacuum at lower pressure. Multi-stage air blowers reduce the need for compressed air flow under the same conditions. Finally, it reduces the reaction time and increases productivity. 

The multi-stage venture blower coaxial has valves installed around a coaxially covered tube and it streamlines the flow profile. In this design, we have a coaxial cartridge to deliver different pressure and flow requirements. In most cases, the internal coaxial cartridge can be exchanged to meet varying conditions to ensure optimum energy efficiency at a relative cost. 

What are the advantages of using a venturi air blower?

  • Completely free from vibration and heat generation
  • The product has no moving parts
  • It can tolerate any aggressive conditions 
  • Easy to repair or replace
  • Affordable
  • Easy to transport and lightweight
  • Doesn’t require electricity
  • Keep it close to the process, it reduces the amount of air evacuation and offers faster cycle times. 

How to save energy with venture blowers?

If the product doesn’t have a huge investment then, blowers or vacuum generators have a significant impact on energy cost but make sure that it’s applied well and operational. 

While reviewing the basic operating characteristics, the blowers whose energy levels go below 14” Hg will use more compressed air to reach a lower vacuum. In average case venture blowers take 10 times of energy to increase the vacuum level from 18” to 27” Hg.

So while operating,

  • Identify the lowest vacuum required, hold it, and never exceed it
  • Reach the level as quickly as possible
  • Engage the use of automatic compressed air shut if possible. 

Collect some important data for better efficiency,

  • Know the minimum operating level of vacuum
  • The total volume to be evacuated
  • How fast to reach this volume?
  • Any changes in the cycle time in the future?
  • What are the limitations? What are the types of controls required?

In general, venture air blowers are kept as close as possible. It offers great flexibility in the decentralized system. When the system is designed properly, it takes advantage of the venturi blower located next to the process and pulls out the required vacuum quickly, then shuts off the air supply. 

On the whole venture effect and venture, blowers have a great impact in leveraging various functions in the industries. It’s used in various applications like refineries, petroleum processing, power plants, shipyards, marine industry, and more. However, make sure to apply it properly for better energy-efficiency results. 

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