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Surface Finishing
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Standard Quality Product For Surface Finishing

Surface Finishing equipment is used in refining or roughening a surface to meet surface finish requirements of the material, prepare or strengthen the surface for additional processing. Few widely used equipment are listed below:

Abrasive Brushes:

Abrasive Brushes comes with abrasive filament brush fills. These brushes will help in more aggressive action compared to synthetic or wire filaments.

Back-up Pads:

The function of the Back-up pad is to support and/or hold paper, fibre or film backed abrasive discs, sheets or belts

Buffs and Buffing Wheels:

Buffs and Buffing Wheels are is used to shine metals and are made of napped flannel, non-woven felt or woven cloth.

Chamfering and deburring tools:

The purpose of Chamfering and the deburring tool is to clean edges after machining. They help in the removal of sharp edges caused by cutting or machining.

Hand Brushes:

Hand brushes have a wide range of applications like cleaning, deburring, applying paint or ink, scrape surfaces etc. Their bristles are usually mounted to plastic, wood or metal handle or stem such as scratch, welders.

Industrial Brushes:

These brushes fulfil the purpose of metal deburring; thread cleaning, painting and coat application, welding or surface preparation, removing rust, paint or coatings, and surface finishing on a variety of materials.

Metal Files, Rasps, and Rifflers:

They are used in rounding off sharp edges, surface preparation, removing burrs, surface preparation, cleaning, and other part surface finishing applications. These tools have serrated cutting surfaces which will help them to shape materials.

Paint Brushes and Applicators:

They serve multiple purposes like applying paints, sealants, cleaners, adhesives, acids or etchants, oils, mortar or cement treatments etc.

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