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Sandblasting Setup & Applications | Finishing Systems

Sandblasting also known as abrasive blasting is a surface finishing process in which powered machines like air compressors, sandblasting machines are used. Sandblasting is also used to clean surface rust or to remove contaminants from metal surfaces. These machines are typically used to spray corrosive particles under high pressure against a surface. Sandblasting is a traditional method of preparing a metal substrate and material surfaces prior to the treatment, coating, deburring, scale removal or other finishes. Even if it is paint removal, additional decoration, bright finish or more, sandblasting helps in providing the best output which is cost-effective and reliable. This mechanism is called “sandblasting” because the surface is blasted with sand particles. When the sand particles strike the surface, it creates a smooth and even texture surface. 

Sandblasting captures the coarse properties of sand and creates a smoother surface, with less physical imperfections and flaws. The rough and gritty properties of sand help in wearing away the excess or unwanted material on the surface. Sandpapers contain many individual particles of sand. When sandpaper is rubbed against a surface, the sand particles on the sandpaper removes some of the top-layer material in turn creating a smoother texture on the surface. A similar process is used by sandblasting, wherein it uses high pressurized sand.

Blasting equipment is favorable for surface smoothening and metal finishing processes. This equipment is also extensively used by those who fabricate products made of metal. We can help you find the best equipment and process for your various applications. We offer the best sand blasting machine Dubai.  To learn more contact us today.

The primary parts of sandblasting equipment are:

  • Air compressors remit high-pressure air required to blast the surface and provide the desired output.
  • Blasting respirators or hoods protect the operator by creating an overall protective shield, which keeps a clean air source free of dust, contaminants and abrasives. 
  • The pressure blast tank also called as blast pot is a coded pressure vessel which feeds the abrasives into the airstream
  • Abrasive blast materials are chosen in accordance to its hardness, size, shape and type in accordance with the application.
  • A nozzle is required, which will direct the abrasive media to the appropriate angle for sandblasting surfaces. 
  • Deadman switch is an essential tool, as it allows the blaster to stop the airflow instantly and in turn halts the operation in the event of any failure or any safety concerns at any point of time.
  • Hoses are used to ensure the air flow passage. It also controls over air for abrasives  and smooth flow in the sandblasting system
  • Moisture trap and separator helps in removing water from compressed air before it reaches the pressure blast tank. 

Consult our experts as we are one of the best sandblasting material supplier in the UAE. We will take you through all the equipment aspects. 

General Sandblasting equipment setup:

  • It is important to inspect all the parts and components before assembling. There might occur cracks, leaks and other damages or defects.
  • To keep away from dust and debris entering the system, it is better to position the compressor upwind from your work area and on level ground.  
  • Check if the oil and moisture separators and lubrication systems function properly.
  • Flatten bull hose and blast hose as straight as possible, so as to eliminate kinks.
  •  Try to reduce the bends as maximum as possible, which might impact material flow and performance.
  • Connect hoses and pin fittings very carefully.
  • Inspect again to make sure that they are tight and firm and in place, so as to avoid any air leaks.
  • When all of the hoses are setup, follow the factory-recommended start up procedure. 
  • Conduct a compressed air cleaning test and nozzle pressure test. Confirm if the air is free from moisture and oil. Check if the pressure is at the optimal level suitable to the type of abrasives and surface material involved.
  • Warm up and check the air pressure gauge and confirm if it is registered in the desired range. Before commencing blasting make the adjustments in accordance, if it’s too high or low.
  • Wear safety equipment during the operation: blast hood, steel-reinforced footwear, a heavy canvas style blasting suit, and protective gloves.

Sandblasting performance:

The prime step in sandblast performance is to pour sand in the top chamber of the sandblasting machine. Now, turn on the compressor and let the pressure build. Sandblasting machine is connected to a conventional air compressor, when activated, toss the sand out through a handheld nozzle. The pressure of the sand varies between 50 and 130 pounds per square inch (PSI) depending on the settings. After that adjust the mixing valve on the Pressure Pot to a 45°or half-closed. Open Air Inlet Valve on Pressure Pot.  Set Footswitch Regulator to 50 psi. Lift Handle or seal pressure pot and set Pressure Pot Regulator to 25 psi. After that sand is blasted across the surface. Sand provides a smoother surface due to the abrasive properties of sand. Reduce Pressure Pot Regulator to 0 psi. Open Tank Water Valve to Drain Moisture. Turn off Compressor.

Sandblasting Setups:

We are sand blasting machine manufacturer, we have many sandblasting setups available. Some of them are:

  • Wet blast equipment
  • Air blast rooms
  • Blast cabinets
  • Bulk blasting
  • Cryogenic deflashing
  • Blast and recovery
  • Air blasts tumble equipment

Blasting equipment is beneficial for metal finishing processes and surface preparation. We also help you in finding the best system for your application. To learn more about our selection or for pricing information, contact us today.

Consult the Experts:

If you are looking for new equipment or you need support in setting up or installing blasting systems, get in touch with JetBlast today. We are one of the best sand blasting machine suppliers in the UAE.  Our stationary provision has a large dedicated compressor inclusive of a large enclosed cabinet blast unit. For larger projects JetBlast has a diesel powered pull-behind air compressor along with a large sand hopper and hose setup. Call us or contact us online to request assistance from a live representative. Call us today in regards to your project. We’ll be happy to answer all your questions and provide a free quote on our products and services. JetBlast is a trustable technological leader in mechanical surface finishing.

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