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Applications of Garnet, Steel Grit, and Steel Shot Abrasives: Diverse Uses in UAE Industries

Welcome to JetBlast, the most trusted name among blasting and related equipment suppliers in the UAE! Besides being the leading name, we also take pride in sharing valuable insights with our audience about various topics in the industry. Today, we will discuss in detail about abrasive materials and their myriad applications across various industries in the United Arab Emirates.

When it comes to preparing and finishing different surfaces, garnet, steel grit, and  steel shot abrasives stand out as indispensable tools. Now let’s see how these abrasives are used in industries across the UAE:

Oil and Gas Sector:

Certain industries like oil and gas always require rigorous results as the sector features harsh conditions that equipment and infrastructure withstand. Garnet abrasives are widely utilised for sandblasting applications in this sector, ensuring thorough cleaning and preparation of surfaces for coatings and maintenance. In addition,  descaling and surface roughening procedures use steel grit and steel shot abrasives, which aid adhesion and increase the lifespan of coatings in offshore rigs and pipelines.

Maritime and Shipbuilding:

UAE is a well-known maritime hub, and here shipbuilding and repair industries rely heavily on abrasive blasting for maintenance and refurbishment of vessels. Garnet abrasives are widely recognised for their high efficiency and low dust production and are used to remove rust and marine growth on ship surfaces. Marine coatings need certain levels of surface profile and cleanliness, and steel grit and steel shot abrasives can efficiently achieve these results and promise perfect cover against corrosion in the harsh marine environment.

Construction and Infrastructure:

Who doesn’t picture skyscrapers, bridges, and other structures when hearing the name Dubai? And each of them is durable and has aesthetically pleasing finishes that can not be touched by time. Garnet abrasives are instrumental in preparing concrete surfaces for waterproofing, repair, and decorative coatings, offering excellent surface profiling without causing damage. Metal parts used in construction works are prone to fatigue, which can be resisted by shot peening applications using steel shot abrasives. Similarly, steel grit abrasives excel in removing tough coatings and rust from steel structures.

Automotive and Aerospace:

Certain industries that are prominent in the UAE, such as aerospace and automobile, can not compromise on precision and quality. For the same reason, the components used there must meet stringent standards for performance and safety. Garnet abrasives can provide smooth and uniform surfaces for paint adhesion and finishing in automotive refinishing. In aerospace manufacturing, steel shot abrasives are utilised for shot peening to increase the fatigue life of aircraft components, ensuring structural integrity under extreme conditions.

Manufacturing and Fabrication:

Abrasive blasting finds its applications in procedures such as surface preparation, cleaning, and finishing of metal components– that too across a range of manufacturing sectors in the UAE. Whether it's removing scale and rust from steel parts or achieving the desired surface roughness for industrial coatings, garnet, steel grit, and steel shot abrasives offer unparalleled performance and versatility, enhancing productivity and quality in manufacturing processes.

To conclude, as we have seen now, abrasive materials in the UAE have applications across various industries. It is not uncommon to get confused while choosing your provider for abrasives. Contact JetBlast, the most sought-after name for blasting and related equipment today and be confident with your projects.

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