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Steel grits are sharp cutting angular particles used to abrade surfaces in an abrasive blasting process. The jagged shape of steel grits allows it to abrade different surfaces efficiently. Steel shots, which are spherical in shape and are crushed down to make steel grit, come in many different chemical forms and sizes. Steel grit suppliers in the UAE provide them in different shapes and sizes that lets industrial businesses administer a range of blast profiles for obtaining different results. 

Why Steel Grits

Steel grits possess an angular structure, making it particularly effective for removing surface contaminants from various products. Additionally, it facilitates the creation of a suitable surface profile for new coatings to adhere to. Steel grit finds widespread application in tasks such as removing mill scale and different coatings from product surfaces. Steel grit suppliers in the UAE typically provide grits in sizes ranging from G25 to G80, with larger grit numbers indicating smaller particle sizes. Smaller particles yield finer blast profiles, while larger particles generate deeper profiles. Larger particles exhibit greater effectiveness in removing heavy paint layers, whereas smaller particles are more suited for lighter surface contaminant removal. For instance, G80 grit leaves a 1 to 2 Mil profile, while G25 grit creates deeper profiles ranging between 4 to 6 mils, under consistent blast equipment settings. Notably, steel grit offers the advantage of multiple reuses before replacement becomes necessary. Mechanical blast media recovery equipment can be employed to recover and reuse the media, extending its lifespan to approximately 150 to 200 uses before replacement is warranted.

Uses of Steel Grits

Steel grit suppliers in the UAE find application of grits in a range of industrial applications like surface preparation, cleaning, and finishing. Steel grits have an angular shape, making them suitable for industrial applications that need more vigorous material removal and surface profiling. Let's look at some of the common uses of steel grits:

Surface Preparation: 

Before applying paints, coatings, or adhesives on various surfaces, steel grits can be used to prepare the surface. They can efficiently remove scale, rust, old coatings, and other unwanted particles from metal surfaces, so that the subsequent materials can adhere to it.

Rust and Corrosion Removal: 

Steel grits can be used to eliminate heavy rust, corrosion, and mill scale from the surface of working metal. Industries like marine maintenance, shipyards, and structural steel fabrication make use of steel grits the most.

Preparation for Welding: 

Steel grit suppliers in the UAE recommend use of steel grits to prepare surfaces prior to metal joining processes like welding to ensure the joints are strong and clean. 

Concrete and Stone Surface Preparation: 

Restoration projects may require getting rid of old coatings, contaminants, or stains from concrete or stone surfaces. Steel grits can do this surface preparation easily.

Shot Peening: 

Shot peening mostly utilises steel shots, however steel grits can be used too. In this process, abrasive particles are bombarded with the target surface to induce compressive stress on the surface.

Foundry Applications: 

Steel grit suppliers in the UAE distribute them for foundry applications, for cleansing and preparing casting surfaces, removing moulds and cores, and treating general metal surfaces.

Surface Profiling: 

Steel grits find application in creating distinct surface profiles, particularly in sectors such as construction and shipbuilding. These profiles enhance coating adhesion and offer improved traction for anti-slip surfaces.

Stone Cutting and Etching: 

Steel grits play a role in cutting and etching stones and other hard materials in the construction and monument industries, facilitating the creation of intricate designs and patterns.

Oil and Gas Industry: 

Steel grit suppliers in the UAE get enquiries largely from the oil and gas sector, steel grits are employed for surface preparation tasks like cleaning pipelines, tanks, and equipment.

Automotive Industry: 

Steel grits are effective for removing paint and coatings from automotive parts, preparing surfaces for refinishing or restoration.

It’s crucial to consider the appropriate steel grit size, hardness, and other specifications based on the specific application and desired surface finish. The abrasive nature of steel grits makes them indispensable for tasks requiring robust material removal and surface modification. Jetblast, the top steel grit supplier in the UAE delivers the steel grits sourced from the best manufacturers so that you don’t have to compromise on your industrial applications.

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