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Steel shots, which are typically spherical in shape, are particles of steel with high carbon content. Steel shots are widely used across industrial settings for grinding, cleaning hard surfaces, abrading, scouring, polishing, and removing solid materials by the action of rubbing. Steel shots are one of the best options to prepare hard materials for works like painting, by providing surface finish and shape to them. Equipped with steel shots sourced from the finest manufacturers, Jetblast is one of the best steel shot suppliers in the UAE.

Steel Shots As Abrasive

Various industries, like construction, automotive, electronics, and manufacturing  consider steel shots as a great medium to use as abrasives in abrasive shot blasting machines. Using steel shots as abrasives helps to achieve a superior polished surface finish. Steel shot suppliers in the UAE are usually approached by industrial business owners seeking abrasive material for de-flashing, shot peening, blast cleaning, and paint stripping. Steel shots get more durability and hardness as they are manufactured with a high carbon content. Compared to other abrasives like glass powder, silicon carbide, etc. which produce higher amounts of waste, steel shots are highly recyclable. Within steel shots, there are two types such as  high carbon and low carbon abrasives. Although they have similar  cleaning performance, they differ in their properties. Low carbon steel shots are more stable while  high carbon steel shots have a higher tendency to crack. The hardness of steel shots are generally measured on the Rockwell scale, and are usually available at different hardness levels, ranging between 40 and 65 (400 to 850 on the Vickers hardness scale).

Steel Shot As Blasting Media 

Steel shot suppliers in the UAE deliver steel shot blasting media of amazing finishing and shape which are made utilising projecting and isolation measures. The perfect round shape of steel shots are best to eliminate rust or any old paint from the working surface effectively. However, in cases where the material is delicate, there are minor odds of segments getting hurt. So it is important to understand that the selection of blasting media should depend on the material to work with and why you need blasting. 

Steel shot production utilises an electric heater to initiate the process. Initially, steel scrap undergoes dissolution within the heater before being transformed into shot form through a water jet. The inherent durability of steel shot, attributed to its low friability, is further enhanced by the impact experienced during blasting operations. This continual tempering process gradually increases the shot's hardness over time, ensuring consistent and reliable performance across numerous cycles. Jetblast, the top name among the steel shot suppliers in the UAE provides steel shots at the most affordable price.

Chemical analysis:

Carbon C

0,85 to 1,20 % 

Manganese Mn 

0,60 to 1,20 %

Silicon Si          

min. 0,40 %  

Sulphur S

max. 0,05 %  

Phosphorus P max.             

max. 0,05 %  

Advantages of Steel Shots 

  • Excellent results on metal surface
  • Durable
  • Cost-effective & highly recyclable
  • Can be used with wheel blast systems and air power
  • Eliminates surface contamination and cleans the surface completely

Steel shot Industrial Uses 

  • For mining purposes
  • In aerospace & shipyard
  • In the automotive industry
  • In the petrochemical industry

Steel Shot Suppliers In The UAE

As a leading steel shot supplier in the UAE, we also supply other blasting media and related products. Our extensive range includes SS shot, copper slag, steel grit, garnet sand, aluminium oxide, quartz shot, glass beads, and more. Each of our products undergoes rigorous assessment on multiple parameters, including density, physical and chemical properties, microstructure, hardness, and durability. Our primary focus remains on delivering top-notch quality products while ensuring utmost customer satisfaction. 

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