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The ultimate guide for Sandblasting material in 2022

In today’s broad range for application and industrial revolution, sandblasting is considered as a significantly useful procedure. Standing in an increased demand in the auto industry and industrial applications, this procedure is gaining extreme focus as it has a lot of positive aspects towards commercial application. This procedure covers all aspects of material cleaning, powder coating, de-rusting and paint removal very properly. Depending on the needed category of application, the person performing this procedure requires a certain amount of skilled training. The sandblasting material supplier in Dubai are leading in the field of commercial and industrial applications.

What exactly is the working technique of sandblasting?

The technique of sandblasting utilizes pressurized air for hurtling a beam of tiny projectiles. There are mainly two components which play a keen role in this procedure- the blast pot and the pressurized air intake. The blast media is held by the blast pot which through a set of valves forwards the media downward. In order to prevent the chamber converting itself into a pressure bomb, the amount of air entering must escape at the same rate it enters for which we utilize the abrasive trap. This trap is well known for catching the abrasive media.

Did you know that the abrasive properties of sandblasting media have the capacity to influence the anchor pattern? Yes! They do…Now let us take a keen look at some of the abrasive properties of sandblasting media-


A sharp particle is well known to dig deep down into a metal surface rather than a round particle of the same size as the sharpness of angles in a particle determines to which depth it will cut into a metal. There are four categories of shape which are angular, sub-angular, round and sub-rounded.


Bigger particles are capable of performing more work as compared to small ones and a bigger particle carries more momentum leaving a larger impact crater. On a metallic surface, big particles make greater localized impacts. The particles are measured in accordance to their mesh size which indicates the particles fitting at what size. To make it even simpler, a mesh size of 10 has 10 holes per square inch that would fit more of large particles, while a mesh size of 300 would fit more of smaller particles.


In the process of choosing an abrasive, try to aim for the minimum hardness which makes it easier to increase the sandblasting process. The particles will penetrate deeper on the basis of how hard a medium is. The softer the abrasive is, the further the slight anchor pattern occurs which is useful for the removal of gunk, grease and paint. Hard abrasives are too brittle which will further cause fractures on them if an impact occurs.


A dense particle carries more mass per unit volume which means more pressure will be seen upon impact. This means that more pressure means it will dig deeper than a large particle of the same mass. Density gives more idea about the how the particle will react on an impact rather than mass. Denser particles are also believed to transfer more kinetic energy. Soft and less dense particles absorb the collision and later transfer their momentum in a less efficient manner.

Let’s go through some of the types of sandblasting media so that you can have enough understanding regarding the kind of sandblasting media you would want to use.

Glass beads- These are excellent for preparing metal surfaces for painting and for removing unnecessary surface blemishes as they come in a variety.

Black beauty- This is perfect for auto and industrial maintenance and is a coal slag abrasive material which removes paint and even rust from the surfaces.

Steel shot and grit- This is a great preference when it comes to heavy-duty work as it is made from steel, often used in shot peening and for the removal of tough coating. 

Aluminium oxide- This material is durable and low in cost which makes it an excellent choice for grinding and deburring processes.

Silicon carbide- This is the most hardest medium available for sandblasting in today’s world which also makes it excellent for polishing hard rock like granite.

Staurolite- This material is extremely useful for the removal of thinner paint coatings as it is mined from metamorphic rocks.

Plastics- There are different types of plastics in the world depending on their size, shape, hardness and density due to which plastic grits have a wide range of uses in the sandblasting field.

Walnut shells- It is naturally occurring and an excellent abrasive media which makes it a great choice for aggressive applications as well as delicate applications.

As of now, you might have got a good idea about sandblasting and its related important aspects. Is this enough? No!

Well what also matters is that you must be well aware about choosing the right medium for sandblasting. Let me take you through some of the accurate aspects of choosing a right sandblasting medium.

  • For a polished look, glass beads are a good option as it makes any surface to shine.
  • Make sure that the right kind of abrasives based on smoothness and hardness is used. Otherwise, alternative abrasives may damage the surface further. 
  • For smooth paint removal, aluminium oxide is a perfect solution as it removes the paint from any surface promptly.
  • In order to clean fiberglass with paint, plastic is the right choice as it is way softer than metal.
  • Silicon carbide is one of the strongest and toughest abrasive for removing undesired paint as well as rust.
  • Steel abrasives are widely used to remove paint from steel surfaces, especially round steel shot for shot-peening and surface polishing.

The market is being driven by the increasing demand for sandblasting materials and sand blasting machine manufacturer as the hype for corrosion as well as surface paint removal are also increasing. The fact that the key influencers for sandblasting equipment market are rapid industrialization and technical prosperities, has led this particular sandblasting market category into a broader demand these days and is expected to be the same in the coming years.

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