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Exploring Different Types of Sandblasting and Painting Equipment and Their Uses

Blasting is vital in surface preparation before painting for optimal paint adhesion. It helps remove dirt, rust, old paint, and other contaminants, ensuring a clean and smooth surface. Various specialised equipment is available to achieve effective blasting and painting. In this blog, we will learn the different types of blasting and painting equipment in the UAE and their specific uses.

Types of Sandblasting Machines and Their Uses

Sandblasting equipment is broadly classified as follows based on the different techniques or applications.

Air Blasting Equipment

Air blasting equipment, or sandblasters, is one of the most commonly used blasting machines. In this type, compressed air is used to propel abrasive materials, like sand or garnet, against the surface to be prepared. A  sandblasting machine manufacturer can help you learn more.
An air blasting equipment's versatility makes it suitable for various applications, including cleaning, deburring, and etching. It is generally employed in the automotive, construction, and shipbuilding industries.

Suction or Siphon Blast Equipment 

Suction blast equipment creates a vacuum that draws abrasive media into the airstream, which is then propelled onto the surface to be treated. The process is done in a sandblasting booth in the UAE and is a versatile and cost-effective blasting method.
Suction blast equipment is commonly used for lighter blasting applications that involve delicate or intricate surfaces. It is widely used for smaller-scale projects like automotive restoration, jewellery cleaning, or art restoration. Consider talking to a provider of blasting and painting equipment in the UAE to decide if you require suction blast equipment. 

Direct Pressure or Pressure Blast Equipment 

In sandblasting using pressure blast equipment, a pressurised vessel accelerates the abrasive media and propels it onto the surface being treated. This method provides higher blasting power and is effective for heavy-duty applications. 
As pressure blasting provides higher blasting power, it is commonly used for heavier-duty applications. A sandblasting machine manufacturer can tell you if this is a suitable option.

Slurry Blasting Equipment

In slurry blasting equipment, water and abrasive materials are combined to create a slurry. Inside a sandblasting booth in the UAE, the slurry is then propelled onto the surface, being prepared to remove contaminants and provide a smoother finish effectively. Hence it is also known as wet abrasive blasting. 
Sensitive surfaces, such as fiberglass or aluminium, can benefit from slurry blasting. It reduces dust emissions and provides great control over the blasting process.

Wheel Blast Equipment 

Wheel blast equipment provided by a sandblasting machine manufacturer utilises a rotating wheel to propel abrasive media against the surface. 
It is commonly used for heavy-duty applications in industries like shipbuilding, foundries, and structural steel fabrication, to remove heavy rust or coatings.

Types of Painting Equipment 

Painting is an essential step after blasting for achieving high-quality and long-lasting finishes. Talking about blasting and painting equipment in the UAE, let's glance at some common types of painting equipment.


Brushes are the conventional tools used to apply paint to surfaces. They come in various shapes and sizes, including flat, round, filbert, and fan brushes. Different brush types are suitable for distinct techniques and surfaces.

Paint Rollers 

Rollers are equipment with a handle and a cylindrical foam or fabric cover. Paint rollers are commonly used on large, flat surfaces like walls and ceilings. Rollers allow for quick and even application of paint.

Paint Sprayers 

Paint sprayers apply atomised paint particles to a surface. As they use compressed air or pressure, a fine mist of paint is created that allows even application. They are often used for large-scale projects or when a smooth finish is desired.

The process of blasting and painting involves the use of specialised equipment to achieve optimal surface preparation and paint application. JetBlast is a provider of blasting and painting equipment in the UAE and has also been established as a sandblasting machine manufacturer. 

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