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Conventional versus Airless Spray

Brand : Graco

Conventional versus Airless Spray
Conventional versus Airless Spray

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Pressure Pot 2.25 Gallon with Air Agitator Kit A-910P 1/4"" x 25' SKU: L011071 This kit includes an A-910P conventional air spray gun with 1.8mm needle and 1/4"" x 25' twin hose. The heavy duty commercial paint pressure pot is inexpensive and easy to use and provides a steady material flow for air guns. Will resist tipping and is easy to clean with an inner teflon coated pot and removable liner. For use with all standard coatings such as: lacquer, enamel, stain, latex, epoxy, glue, etc. A one gallon paint can will fit inside. The air motor is heavy duty, powerful and speed controlled by an air flow valve.

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