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Astro Nova Helmet

Brand : R P B

Astro Nova Helmet
Astro Nova Helmet

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Theastro and nova Nova 2000 Blast Helmet, a product manufactured by RPB Safety, comes standard with the following features: Designed with operator comfort as a priority, it was the first of its kind in the industry. Equipped with comfort padding similar to that found in motorcycle helmets, offering optimal weight distribution and the ability to turn with the wearer’s head. The inner lens complies with ANSI Z87.1 and European safety standards, ensuring the highest level of protection for the wearer. Provides up to 20dB noise attenuation, creating a quieter work environment. Comes with a NIOSH Safety Approval and a 1000 APF (Assigned Protection Factor), demonstrating the helmet’s commitment to the wearer’s safety. Features a window frame rubber seal for protection against dust leakage. Includes an optional climate control tube that allows the wearer to regulate the temperature of the incoming air, a feature that can significantly enhance productivity. The impact hood made of polystyrene offers additional head protection beyond the helmet shell. Comes with a 28″ or 38″ Nylon Cape with an inner collar for additional protection. Includes a Cool Air Tube helmet air conditioner, ensuring comfort during extended use. Equipped with a breathing air tube, waist belt, and buckle for a secure and comfortable fit. Has several safety approvals, including AS/NZS 1716 – 2003 Approval No. 1974 for Respiratory Protection, ANSI Z89.1 for Hard Hat Protection, and ANSI Z87.1 for Eye Protection Standard. These features combine to create a helmet that is both comfortable and safe, setting a new standard in the sandblasting industry.

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